Top 300 loan defaulters named in JS

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Finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal on Saturday gave a list of 300 top loan defaulter of all bank and financial institutions of public and private sector in parliament.

Responding to a question of ruling Awami League M Israfil Alam, the minister gave the list in the house.

According to the discloser, Tk 50,942 crore was borrowed by the 300 business entities.

Of the amount Tk 70,571 crore was outstanding laon and Tk 52,837 crore was classified loan.

The top ten defaulters are — Samannaz Super Oil Ltd with defaulted amount of Tk 1,049 crore, Galaxy Sweater and Yarn Dyeing Ltd with Tk 984 crore, Rimex Footwear Ltd with Tk 976 crore, Quantum Power Systems Ltd with Tk 828 crore, Maheen Enterprise Ltd with Tk 825 crore, Rupali Composite Leather Wear Ltd with Tk 798 crore, Crescent Leather Products Ltd with Tk 776 crore, SA Oil Refinery Ltd with Tk 707 crore, Suorav Composite Knit Ltd with Tk 610 crore and Grameen Shakti with Tk 601 crore.

The finance minister also disclosed a list of top borrower of all bank, finance and public sector having outstanding amount five crore and bellow.

The list showed that 1,4617 individuals and institutions borrowed Tk 1,741,348 crore since 2009 while Tk 100,183 crore was defaulted.

Mustafa also informed parliament that amount of total default loan in the banks and financial institutions increased by Tk 43,210 crore since September 2015.

In 2018, the total default loans in the banking and financial institutions sector stood at 1,02,315.19 lakh crore up from 59,105  crore at the end September 2015, he said while answering, a query of Workers Party of Bangladesh MP Lutfun Nesa Khan.

The finance minister also said that number of loan defaulted person also increased by 58,436 in the same period.

Number of loan defaulters were 1,11,954 in September 2015 and that soared to 1,70,390, the minister said quoting the Credit Information Bureau of the Bangladesh Bank.

The question answer session was tabled at the onset of day’s proceedings.

The MP sought information of loan defaulters and loan defaulted amount from 2009 but minister gave the figure from September 2015 as the CIB had no such data before September 2015.


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