Toll on roads anti-people: BNP

Pub: Friday, September 6, 2019 7:57 PM   |   Upd: Friday, September 6, 2019 7:57 PM

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Friday said that prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s order to collect toll for using highways was anti-people.

The party senior joint-secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi at a news conference at the party’s central office in Dhaka protested at the government’s failure to stop killing Bangladeshis at Bangladesh-India border by India Border Security Force.

He condemned and protested at the cancellation of bail granted for senior Supreme Court lawyer and former advisor to caretaker government Mainul Hosein and demanded his immediate release.

Mentioning that the country’s highways were mostly full of potholes and not fit for toll collection, he said if the toll was imposed, intensity of traffic congestion would increase and passengers’ time would be wasted.

‘The highways are in a sorry state. Accidents and deaths are continuing. Vehicles cannot run properly for traffic jam. If toll plazas are set on highways, it would increase hindrance and traffic congestion,’ he said.

He questioned whether the collected toll would be deposited with the government exchequer.

‘If the government collect toll on its own, there would be corruption and the money will not reach the government exchequer. If the responsibility of toll collection is given on lease, pro-government people would get the lease at a token amount and little of the toll money would be deposited to the government exchequer,’ he said.

Referring to recent incidents of border killing and death of 18 Bangladeshis by BSF in first six months of 2019, Rizvi said the BSF was acting cruelly in violation of international law.

He alleged that the government remained silent though the number of border killing increases.

‘Sometimes, ministers and lawmakers speak in favour of BSF, instead of protesting against their acts. These murders would have been decreased, if the state protested against border killings,’ he said.


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