RMG worker’s death in shooting reflects anarchic situation: Fakhrul

Pub: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 7:26 PM   |   Upd: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 7:26 PM

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday complained that the incident of shooting RMG worker Suman Mia to death in Savar indicated that an anarchic situation was prevailing in the country.
In a statement Fakhrul condemned and protested at the death of the worker during ongoing protests of garments workers across the country in protest against newly issued wage order.
He asked for accepting the rightful demands of the workers.
He said security of protesting people for realising rights had now become critical, saying that the government had become more ‘reckless’ after the last general election.
The death of the worker during a peaceful protest made it clear that the democratic rights like holding public meetings and rallies would not be tolerated anymore, the BNP secretary general said.
The government resorted to the cruel ‘suppressive’ policy to curb the rightful demand of the workers ignoring their logical demands, he added.
The government being isolated from people got frightened at the uprising of workers demanding wage hikes, said the statement signed by BNP’s assistant office secretary Munir Hossain.
A garment worker was killed and around 100 others injured in clashes with police at Savar and Uttara in Dhaka and in Gazipur on Tuesday.


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