PM fails to guard nat’l interests, says Nagarik Oikya

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The Nagarik Oikya at a press conference at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Monday that prime minister Sheikh Hasina failed to defend Bangladesh’s interests during her four-day India visit.

Party convenor Mahmudur Rahman Manna told the press conference that the crime of jeopardising national interests could not be concealed with the arrest of Juba League leader Ismail Hossain Chowdhury Samrat.

He questioned the deal letting India establish a coastal surveillance radar system in Bangladesh to keep an eye on the Bay of Bengal through 20 radar stations.

‘The government must clarify whether the monitoring system would be under control of Bangladesh and how the system would benefit our country,’ he said.

Manna said that India failed to stop killing Bangladeshis along the border. ‘Bangladesh could not convince India to make a diplomatic assurance on humanitarian ground to stop border killing,’ he said aiming at the foreign secretary’s recent comment that Bangladesh let India to withdraw water from the Feni River on humanitarian ground.

Lamenting the lack of information on the deal about liquid gas export to India, he demanded the government to make public the details of all instruments signed during her visit.

Manna also said that since the general election in 2014, the government failed to champion the country’s interests in all bilateral agreements on international level.

Dubbing the recent drives against casinos and corruption ‘eyewash’, he said the government arrested only the small fishes, and big fishes were all at large.

He further called on the people to stage protests against such deals jeopardising country’s interests.

Seven instruments were signed between Dhaka and New Delhi on Saturday with Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi heading their respective sides during the formalities in New Delhi.

The deals include a memorandum of understanding allowing India to withdraw water from the Feni River with no progress on signing of an agreement on sharing of water of the Teesta and six other rivers and another MoU for establishing a coastal surveillance radar system in Bangladesh to keep an eye on the Bay of Bengal area.


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