People could not cast votes in national elections: Menon

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Workers’ Party president Rashed Khan Menon on Saturday said that people could not cast their votes in the national election on December 30, 2018 through which Awami League-led alliance came to power.

‘I was elected in the elections. I am testifying that the people could not cast their votes in the elections. They could not cast their votes in the elections of the Union Parishads and Upazila Parishads,’ said Menon, also a Workers Party lawmaker and former minister of the Awami League-led government.

Menon was addressing as the chief guest at the inaugural session of the district unit conference of his party at Ashwini Kumar Hall in Barishal city.

He posed a question to the prime minister Sheikh Hasina — why people would not come to cast their votes while he and the prime minister in their joint struggle for people’s right to vote once besieged the Aziz commission to scrap 1.1 crore fake voters and boycotted elections even after submitting nomination papers.

The December 30, 2018 national election was marred by widespread intimidation of voters, opposition polling agents’ ouster, centre grabbing, massive ballot stuffing and violence.

Menon criticised the government and said that the government was appreciated worldwide for making the country a role-model of development but they killed democracy in the name of development.

‘Development does not mean snatching democracy. Development does not mean restricting dissenting voices. Development does not mean snatching freedom of expression. Development does not mean shortening space for democracy,’ the Workers Party chief said.

Mentioning that the government was arresting casino owners and corrupt leaders, he said that the real places of corruption were not touched.

He wanted to know when those real corrupts would be brought to book and punished and asked, ‘When will their wealth be confiscated?’

During the rule of Bangladesh Nationalist Party government, Khaleda Zia and her cohorts at Hawa Bhavan looted the country, underwent trial and were punished for their corruption, he said.

He said that there were some associates who fled the country.

‘I have contested in the elections with the Boat symbol on behalf of the 14-party alliance for their interest. I have no regret for not being included in the cabinet. Workers Party and I always remained vocal against injustices and misdeeds and will continue to play this role,’ Menon continued.

Demanding pension schemes for peasants, agricultural labourers, Menon claimed that at present at least 40 million people were now living under the poverty level.

The programme was presided over by Nazrul Huq Nilu, district Workers Party president and addressed, among others, by comrade Anisur Rahman Mallik, central politbureau member, Sheikh Md Tipu Sultan, district Workers Party secretary and former law maker, comrade Shanti Das, Bishwajit Baroi, TM Shahjahan, Abdul Manan, Faizul Huq Bali, Sima Rani Shil, and Shahin Hossain.

A procession carrying red flags moved through the city roads following the inaugural session of the conference.


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