Nagarik Oikya to stand by people in protests against government: Manna

Nagarik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna on Friday said people were registering sporadic protests against the government’s repression and corruption but the opposition political quarters remain silent against the government.

Speaking at a meeting of his party at the National Press Club auditorium, Manna asked party activists to stay beside the people wherever people were registering protests against the government.

‘A reign of repression and corruption is prevailing in the country but the opposition political quarters are not united to refuse the government,’ he said.

Manna said the opposition camp should have been united against the government to say it ‘no’ but they remain silent.

‘General people are registering sporadic protests against the government and questioning about where are the opposition political quarters,’ he said.

‘Wherever people register protest, the Nagarik Oikya activists will have to stay beside them,’ he said.

‘Nagarik Oikya activists have to wage movement against the government together with the people,’ he said. The meeting was organised demanding dissolution of parliament, resignation of the government and holding a fresh participatory and credible general election.

Manna said the government came to power illegally through vote rigging on December 30, 2018 using muscle power and it has no right to stay in power any longer.

Manna said despite being a small party, Nagarik Oikya would continue protest against the government with the little strength it has.

He said the party would organise a Victory Rally on December 16 to celebrate the Victory Day and a protest rally would be organised on December 30, protesting against the ‘vote rigging’ of the government on in the 11th general election.

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