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Maulana Abdul Karim Ibn Mosobbir :


In 1967, he was born in a religious family of Kalijuri village under Golapganj upazila of Sylhet. His father’s name is Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdul Moshbabir. Mother’s name was removed. Kamala Begum His grandfather’s name was Alhaj Abdur Rashid. He was the Jamiat leader of that time. Family life: They are three brothers and one sister. He floats She is married to a devout woman, Nasima Begum. His five children; Arafat Karim, Abida Karim, Shahriar Karim, Adil Karim, Sajida Karim


Education career: His father was admitted to Jamia Islamia Wednesday Market Qommi Madrasa in the hands of prominent alumni Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdul Mubbibir for the education of Dwi. In Maktab Pajamad, Azadwini took the first place on the board of the Talim. Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Deulgram after the meritorious meritorious meritorious person, and in 1989, he completed the Hadith in the first division of Sylhet’s traditional Vidyalipat Dhaka North Ranaping Arabiya Husseinia Madrasa. While studying Kaumi Madrasa, he passed Phulbari Aziri Aliya Senior Madrasa from Dakhil, Alim and Sylhet Government Aliya Madrasa, and after passing the Master’s in Political Science from Dhaka University.


In 1991, for the welfare of Professor Badruddoza Chowdhury, former President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Jatiya Sangsad joined the mosque as Imam and Khatib. He used to invite students to learn from the student life. In 1996, he joined the Quami Madrasa as a Muhaddis. Since then, he started writing religious and political analytical writings on various national dailies. Inspired by his writings, he wrote something about Humayun Ahmed’s book “Sraban Megh Din” written by Bengal legend writer. Besides, the famous novelist Kashem Bin Abu Bakr dedicated the book, named “Dhoni Dulali” in 1996. Maulana Abdul Karim, a multi-faceted genius, employed himself for social welfare and welfare in the welfare of the people.


For the service of the people, he started a free medical camp named after his father Maulana Abdul Mibbbir Sahib. He was the expert doctor in the leadership of Dr. Shahriar Hossain Chowdhury and Dr. Ehteshamul Haque Chowdhury Dulal. People of simple white mind Maulana Abdul Karim became acquainted with everyone and became known as his own person. He joined the Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) as a staff reporter in 2001. He receives the journalist’s top ID card and the accreditation card issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Information. Prothom Alo, Jugantar, Janakantha, along with most of his newspapers were published in Bangladesh. Besides, he also took part in the discussion of Islamic programs in various electronic media. He has special contribution in various religious education institutions.


In 2012, principal dhaka uttar ranafing arabia husainia madrasa . Durade was killed. The Mutawalli of Nurpur Jame Mosque of Sylhet city was a member of the Jalalabad Cantonment Board School Management Committee, and the general secretary of the management committee of Hazrat Shahrhan Mosque. On the other hand, he used to join the various Qawmi Madrasah Waj Mahfil as the speaker. For the sake of the people of Bokhari teacher Shaykhul Hadith Allama Riazat Ali. And Ilam Tasawhf’s teacher Shaikhul Hadith Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi. He took his baiyat. Maulana Karim Ibn Meibbibir had a good relationship with most general educated people and the people of this class loved him more.


In 2014 he returned to France. But he went there to face the most horrific days of life. Terrorist Revolutionist is accused of being a racist militant and on his family. In 2016, the French Crusader forces also brutally tortured 6 members of his family. Many different types of mental and physical torture are planned by killing. In his body, he was tortured and tortured by applying high tech muscles. He and his family were brutally tortured with electric helmets. But he got the last protection of Allah’s grace. He and his five children and his wife are still alive in the old age of his elderly father.

It is to be noted that the crusader who killed Maulana Karim in prostration was killed in a road accident. He was also the central and general secretary of the Kadiani Viridhi organization “International Majlish in Tahaffaje Khatme Naboot”. It was then the president, Khatib Allama Ubaidul Haq of Baitul Mukarram. Now he is living in France on a dream day.


His father never missed Tahajjud prayers. Maulana Karim was not lover of wealth in the world and he was an old companion of Tabligh Jamaat. He was a Bengali translator of English, Urdu and Arabic for foreign scholars at the World Ijtema ground.


He survived in the mercy of Godpak in the Dhaka-Sylhet Air crash in 1997. In 2001, Indian BSF took away the bullets, tried to shoot them, but they still failed to fire the brave man’s chest. In 2007, the helicopter crash in Thailand’s Patayu City survived the tragedy of God. In 2010, in the Dhaka-Sylhet bus accident, survived in the grave of Allah. Everyone’s loved ones have benefited a lot without selflessness, and helped others with the blood of other religions.

Maulana Karim is a good foundation for children, she has formed a foundation for children for children and she has done a lot of work for abused children.


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