MC College vacates hostel fearing BCL infighting

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Sylhet MC College authority closed its hostel for an indefinite period and asked the resident students to vacate the lone hostel for male students by 2:00pm Tuesday fearing clash between rival groups of Bangladesh Chhatra League.

MC College principal Nitai Chandra Chanda confirmed New Age that the college closed down the hostel for an indefinite period and the students were asked to leave.

The two groups were fighting to establish supremacy in the hostel for a couple of months promoting the authority to close it a day before the college goes into Eid vacation. Usually, the hostel remains open during such vacations, according to students and college administration.

Principal Nitai Chandra Chanda issued a notice in this regard at around 11:00am asking the resident students to vacate the hostel by noon, said officials in the college.

Resident students said that supporters of the district unit Chhatra League former joint-general secretary Sanjay Chowdhury and executive member Nazmul Hossain had clashed several times in the past two months for occupying seats in the hostel.

On Monday night, supporters of the both the groups armed with hockey sticks, iron rods and steel pipes chased each other in the hostel, creating a panic among the residents.

Being informed, the college principal Nitai Chandra Chanda along with several teachers and law-enforcing agency members went to the hostel and tried to control the situation till 2:00am discussing the leaders of the rival groups but failed, a teacher of the College said.

He said that the principal took the decision to close the hostel for an indefinite period after consulting senior teachers of the college in the morning.

Police was deployed at the hostel to avert any untoward incident, the principal said on Tuesday afternoon.


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