Justice eludes Felani’s family

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January 7 not only marks the death anniversary of Felani Khatun, killed by Indian Border Security Force, but also her family’s long and painful wait for justice.

Bangladeshi teenager Felani worked as a domestic help in New Delhi. She was returning home with her father through Anantapur border in the district on this day in 2011 when BSF troopers shot her dead. Her body was handed over to Bangladesh a day later.

A picture of her lifeless body hanging from the barbed-wire fence went viral, triggering a global outcry and prompting BSF to open an investigation into the killing.

BSF pressed charges against constable Amiya Ghosh but he was acquitted by a special court on August 19, 2013.Amid criticisms, BSF later decided to revise the trial but another judicial court upheld the verdict, acquitting Ghosh for a second time on July 2, 2015.

Felani’s frustrated father Nur Islam later moved the Indian Supreme Court with the assistance of human rights group Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha. A bench, headed by the chief justice, show-caused several bodies concerned, including the Home Ministry.

There has been little progress and Felani’s parents said they were upset as they were not getting any help from the government. They were also frustrated at the deferment of hearing dates.

But Kurigram public prosecutor Abraham Lincoln, who stood for Felani during the BSF trial, was optimistic.

‘I hope Felani’s family will get justice,’ he said.


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