BNP seeks government explanation on Assam’s NRC

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Saturday sought explanation from the government about the National Register of Citizens in Indian state of Assam published on August 31.

The party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made the demand at a press briefing after attending a meeting of the party standing committee at the party chairperson’s office at capital’s Gulshan.

‘The statements made by ministers in Assam, central ministers and BJP leaders published on different Indian newspapers said that most of the 19 lakh people excluded from the NRC were nationals of Bangladesh. We condemn and protest the statement,’ Fakhrul said.

‘We think that such statements are motivated. It is unfortunate that the government remains silent on the issue,’ he said.

‘After a meeting with the visiting Indian foreign minister, our foreign minister said that his Indian counterpart had made it clear that it was an internal matter of India. But, when the excluded citizens were branded as Bangladehi nationals, the issue no longer remains an internal affair of India. We are concerned over the issue,’ he said.

We want a clear explanation from the Bangladesh government, the BNP leader said.

He said that the government should not keep the nation in the dark regarding what was really happening and they had an obligation to inform the country’s people on the issue.

Only a day after the NRC publication, Assam finance minister and senior BJP functionary Himanta Biswa Sarma, in an interview with Indian news portal News18, mentioned Bangladesh government as a friend of India and said, ‘We will approach Bangladesh and ask them to take their people back. Meanwhile we will not allow them voting rights and some other facilities.’

Fakhrul said that his party had decided to take part in the eight upazila parishad elections, scheduled to be held on October 14, with the party’s election symbol of sheaf of paddy.

BNP refrained from taking part in any local government election after December 30 general elections marred by widespread rigging, violence and arrest of and intimidation on opposition BNP leaders and activists.

The party secretary general said that the standing committee condemned the prime minister’s order to collect tolls on highways and said that if the order was implemented, it would put extra burden on the country’s citizens.


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